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Ask About Our Polyaspartic Coatings

One-Day Installation

Thanks to the incredible technology behind our polyaspartic systems, you will be able to walk on your floor just 2 hours after application, and drive on them the NEXT DAY!

Endless Customizable Options

With a wide variety of colors and textures, you will be able to customize your dream garage, and show your friends the best garage floor coating in Cincinnati!

20x Stronger Than Epoxy

Polyurea is the most advanced flooring product available. When compared to epoxy flooring systems, polyurea is 20x stronger and 98% more flexible, eliminating any cracking or peeling of the coating. It's chemical resistance can withstand salt, oil, gas, heat, and other harsh chemicals. 

3-Year Decorative Warranty

We are so confident in our flooring systems that we offer a 3-year warranty that covers both the cost of product AND labor. Monster Cote's coatings are designed to last!

Other Areas


Endless customizable options.

Pool Decks

Our coatings are UV stable, slip-resistant, and extremely decorative.


Protect your concrete and make your house stand out with our polyaspartic coating systems!

Our Coating Process

Floor Prep

A trained Monster Cote technician will begin by grinding your concrete floor with an industrial-strength diamond grinder. This process will help smooth out the concrete, and provide a rough surface for the coatings to adhere to. 

Application Of The System

A Monster Cote technician will begin by coating the floor with a pigmented base-coat. Once the base-coat is completed, the technician will then begin broadcasting the decorative chips onto the floor to obtain a surface that is extremely decorative and anti-slip. Once the coating is dry enough for the scraping process, the technician begins to scrape away the excess chips, and will complete this process by using a leaf blower to ensure all lose chips have been removed.  A final polyaspartic top-coat is then used to create a beautiful coating with industrial strength. 

A Floor To Brag About!

Our polyaspartic coatings allow for extremely quick installation, and a quick return to service. Your garage floor will be ready for foot traffic in only 2 hours after application, and can withstand vehicle traffic only 24 hours after installation.