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Our Coating Process

Floor Prep

A trained Monster Cote technician will begin by grinding your concrete floor with an industrial-strength diamond grinder. This process will help smooth out the concrete, and provide a rough surface for the coatings to adhere to. 

Application Of The System

A Monster Cote technician will begin by coating the floor with a pigmented base-coat. Once the base-coat is completed, the technician will then begin broadcasting the decorative chips onto the floor to obtain a surface that is extremely decorative and anti-slip. Once the coating is dry enough for the scraping process, the technician begins to scrape away the excess chips, and will complete this process by using a leaf blower to ensure all lose chips have been removed.  A final polyaspartic top-coat is then used to create a beautiful coating with industrial strength. 

A Floor To Brag About!

Our polyaspartic coatings allow for extremely quick installation, and a quick return to service. Your garage floor will be ready for foot traffic in only 2 hours after application, and can withstand vehicle traffic only 24 hours after installation. 





Other Areas


Endless customizable options.

Pool Decks

Our coatings are UV stable, slip-resistant, and extremely decorative.


Protect your concrete and make your house stand out with our polyaspartic coating systems!