Increase Productivity and Boost Employee Morale

A fundamental component of today's idea of "Lean Manufacturing" is a well-designed floor plan with a clean, low-maintenance environment. We work with our customers to develop a flooring system that will enhance productivity, safety, and morale in the work place. 

Why Coat Your Facility?


Safety Walkways

Enhance the image of your company by adding safety walkways throughout the facility. Show your customers and employees that you care! 



Our systems are stain/chemical resistant, making them extremely easy to clean. A clean environment is essential for happy customers and employee morale!


Line Striping

If you have forklift traffic, safety lines dramatically increase pedestrian safety. Avoid harsh fines and workers comp cases by simply adding epoxy striping. 

About Polyaspartic

3x Harder Than Epoxy

Polyurea is the most advanced flooring product available. When compared to epoxy flooring systems, polyurea is 20x stronger and 98% more flexible, eliminating any cracking or peeling of the coating. It's chemical resistance can withstand salt, oil, gas, heat, and other harsh chemicals. 

Extremely Quick Dry Times

Polyaspartic systems dry much harder and much faster than epoxy. With foot-traffic in as little as 2 hours, and vehicle-traffic in 24 hours, we are able to minimize your down time and save you money from lost revenue!

3-Year Decorative Warranty

We are so confident in our flooring systems that we offer a 3-year warranty that covers both the cost of product AND labor. Warranties like this are unheard of in the coating industry. Monster Cote's coatings are designed to last!

Manufacturing Applications

Plant Floors


Our anti-skid coatings offer the most durability and slip protection on the market. These coatings can withstand vehicle traffic, hot oil, and other harsh chemicals.



Our coatings can be placed on metal, concrete, brick, wood, and more in order to greatly increase the coefficient of friction.

Loading Docks


Loading docks pose a major risk for slip-and-fall accidents. Placing our coatings on these surfaces means increased safety for your employees.